Fire Hydrant Markers

FH 800 Series Canadian

FH 800 Series Canadian

FH 800
MTBF: N/A (Fire Hydrant)
Height: 19”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”
Anchor: N/A
Weight: 3 lbs (approximate)
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gray. Custom colors available.
Sheeting: As per customer specifications

The Flexstake FH 800 Series Canadian fire hydrant marker is the industry-standard. Utilizing the technology in our 600/700 series delineators these markers are available with American and Canadian (including offset) brackets for easy installation on all hydrants.

The FH 800 fire hydrant marker is a three part assembly:
1. Post
2. Hinge
3. Bracket


These markers are available with American and Canadian (including offset) brackets for easy installation on all hydrants.

Our Products are tested to meet and existing DOT specification through a certified test.

Be advised that most of our products will perform better than the certified test.