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Cone Barrier

Cone Barrier

A= Cone Barrier
Length: 4’-8’, 6’-10’, 8’-14’
Weight: 2 lbs (approximate)
Colors: White/Orange
Sheeting: As per customer specifications

The Flexstake Cone Barrier has a high target area. The cone barrier utilizes the technology of Flexstake’s 700 series posts, which has undergone years of product development. This product also comes non-collapsible in a variety of colors from 3’ to 10’.
The Cone barrier is a 2 part assembly:
1: Post
2: Rings
Yield to Pedestrian / Stop for Pedestrian Cross Walk Marker

Height: 42”
Anchor: Surface Mount
Weight: 6 lbs (approximate)
Post Color: White


Yield to Pedestrian / Stop for Pedestrian Cross Walk Marker

Our Products are tested to meet and existing DOT specification through a certified test.

Be advised that most of our products will perform better than the certified test.