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E-Base Delineator

MTBF: 10 hits at 55 mph
Height Above Grade: 36”, 48”
Anchor: Surface Mount
Colors: W, R, O, Y, G, Bu, Br, Gry
Sheeting: Reflective

Mean time before failure. Results of certified tests made under controlled conditions. Results may vary depending upon type of installation and geographic location.

Suitable for installation in any environment, E-Base is a truly bid-competitive high-impact delineator. Though not as bullet-proof as our duplex post, the E-Base post is still a very high quality product; a unique, UV-stabilized, copolymer extrusion. To reduce mounting costs, the base itself is just one part. It is cast from a modified, high-density, UV stabilized co-polymer, capable of lasting many years.


Tested to meet the following specifications:
Standard E Base: 10 impacts at 55 mph 4ft post.

Our Products are tested to meet and existing DOT specification through a certified test.

Be advised that most of our products will perform better than the certified test.